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Staff Review of LunchBOX (A WAXING SALON) in Hillcrest.

There’s a new waxing salon in town, and they’ve got a killer bridal special!

The LunchboxDearest Exquisite Brides,

You know by now that all of us here at Exquisite Weddings are experts at watching the latest trends and having the inside scoop on San Diego’s bridal scene. Well, when we heard about a new waxing salon opening in Hillcrest we set up a first look.
LunchBoxLunchBOX IMG_1239LunchBOX
(A WAXING SALON) is the newest branch a of salons popping up in the coolest cities across the US. From Vegas, to Park City, and now San Diego. They specialize in both women’s and men’s waxing services and (I can personally say) give their clients exquisite service. On top of that, they have a fun package designed just for bridal/groom parties that includes:

  • A champagne (or other beverage) greeting
  • Private reservation just for your group
  • A goody bag for you and your guests
  • Book waxing services for 3 or more bridesmaids/groomsmen and the bride/groom will receive the same services for FREE (i.e. if all of your best gals wax their eyebrows + legs then the bride gets her eyebrows + legs waxed for free!)

How great is that?!

Even without all of the extras, everyone at LunchBOX salon (especially the owner Jaime) treats clients like royalty. Everything in the salon is bright, fresh, modern and meticulously clean. The staff is well trained, enjoyable to be around and experts at making you feel comfortable AND beautiful.

So whether it’s for your wedding day, or regular self-care, make sure you add LunchBOX (A WAXING SALON) to your list of San Diego favorites.

The LunchboxThe LunchboxThe LunchboxLunchBOXThe LunchboxThe LunchboxIMG_1241

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