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Making Exquisite: Live from the Fall 2016 Gown Photoshoot

Live from Estancia La Jolla, Jessica Jalowiec and the team give a behind the scenes look at the fall issue gown shoot! Walking into the Garden Suite, there are white gowns from different boutiques around San Diego hanging everywhere. Kristi Brooks works with Laurie Nicoud, the creative director, to put together each look and figure out exactly what they want the shots to look like. Hair stylist Amanda Thorne enters the scene to help Lacey Haegan, the makeup artist, get the model ready before Kristi dresses her. Food and chocolate are aplenty in the room to make sure people don’t get hungry and grumpy during the long, hot day of shooting. Follow more behind the scenes tidbits at #makingexquisite!

Don’t forget to check out how this online fashion feature came together. You can view the final product HERE.

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