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4 Tips for Wedding Day Body Positivity


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Let’s talk body positivity…Some days loving the skin we’re in is easy, some days it’s not, but your wedding day shouldn’t be one of them! So we teamed up with Collin Christine at Mindful Bride to Be to offer tips about keeping your beautiful face held high on the best day of your life.

Tip #1: Comparison is the thief of joy.

Everyone at some point has something that they wish they could change about their body. When you notice yourself wishing that you had someone else’s body, you’re taking for granted what is uniquely you.

You’re very rare and special and so is your body! Perfect is an illusion so try and ditch that mentality before your big day, and while we all have areas we can improve on, that has nothing to do with your value as a person or how much love and gratitude you deserve.

Tip #2: If the only prayer you said in your life was “Thank You”, that would suffice. 

Rather than spending your energy on wishing you were thinner, redirect your focus to something you already have at this very moment—whether it’s something like your beautiful eyes that allow you to take in the world around you, your ears so you can hear the sound of the ocean or the magic of a great song or just your arms so you can embrace loved ones and cuddle with your pet.

It really doesn’t matter; the act of expressing gratitude actually has a chemical effect in your brain and makes you happier! Just thank the universe for what you have and you will feel its gratitude in return.

 Tip #3: You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. 

When you’re physically uncomfortable in your body, it’s important to wear clothes that you feel comfy in. Make sure while you’re preparing for your wedding that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

This doesn’t mean you have a license to go out into the world wearing your PJs every day (not that there’s anything wrong with that once in a while), but you should consider clothes that make you feel physically comfortable so you aren’t tugging on them all day. There is also value in dressing to how you want to feel. If you’re wanting to lose weight so you can wear the latest fashions, then wear them already as you are. You will look hot if you feel hot!

Tip #4: Smile, breathe and go slowly. 

The more you take the time to take care of yourself, the better the relationship will be with your body and also those around you.

When you go out of your way to give yourself a little extra love—like a massage, getting your hair or nails done or even taking a walk with friends or family—you’re teaching yourself that you deserve more and your mindset will start to adapt to that as well. Self-care is not selfish. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best possible you inside and out. You deserve it!

When you have the mindset that you’re worthy and beautiful as you are now, you build the foundation to make positive changes in your life. Anyone who isn’t happy with themselves unless their body is ‘perfect’ will never actually achieve contentment—that’s the dirty secret nobody wants to acknowledge.

The truth is, happiness and positivity aren’t the goal or the destination; they are just the most efficient fuel to drive you towards that healthier version of you. So, take a deep breath, give thanks and share the love before your big day and beyond.


About the Author


Creator and founder of Mindful Bride to Be, Collin Christine is on a mission to help women have a positive body image, for their wedding day and beyond. She is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and coach specializing in body image, emotional eating, and mindfulness. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is certified from the Centre for Dieting and Eating Disorders. She is the author of  “How I Broke Free From Dieting” and  “The Remindful Food and Mood Journal”. Collin is a regular contributor to several highly trafficked lifestyle magazines and health and wellness media outlets. She is based in Santa Barbara, CA, but coaches people from all over their world helping them improve their relationships with food and body. Want to To learn more about Collin McShirley and the  Mindful Bride to Be team? Visit Here you will have everything you need from fitness with Natasha Freutel and Melissa Costello for Nutrition

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