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4 Reasons We Love Wedding Video

Many couples overlook videography when planning their wedding day, which we think is such a shame. Read on to see why we love wedding video and why we think it’s worth squeezing it into your wedding budget.

Just a couple weeks ago I stumbled across this wedding video for Elizabeth & Jake, shot by our friends at SidebySide Cinema, and it had me pondering the beauty of wedding videography. I know plenty of couples who opted out of wedding video, but all of the couples I know who chose to make it a priority say that it was their best decision in the planning process.

Elizabeth & Jake’s wedding video below encompassed many of the great benefits of booking a videographer. But I had a few other thoughts on video as well. Check out their video here and then get ready to prep a little more room in your budget. I know you’re going to want to include video in your wedding once you finish this post!


1. Record your First Dance

If you’re like most couples then you and your partner practiced for hours to get your first dance “just right.” Days in the studio, and nights in the living room, filled with giggles and some toe-stepping all paid off in the moment that your hands met after the perfect spin.  Cherish your hard work, and your brilliant prideful smile, with just a few seconds of video.

2. Replay your vows

Your vows are sacred and foundational to your marriage. However, they’re also easy to forget. With a wedding video you can look back to your original promises to each other – not only the words you said but also how you said them. Wasn’t it so precious to hear Elizabeth get emotional while she promised to love Jake “Always…not just sometimes”? Plus (let’s be honest) you are going to have good days and bad days in your marriage. Returning to those precious words can remind you the depth of your love.

3. See it through his/her eyes

Traditionally the bride and groom do not see each other on the wedding day before the first look between the arrangements, makeup, bow-tie fixing, and flower girl finding chaos. Like we see with Elizabeth & Jake’s video, you can relive the wedding day through your partner’s eyes. Danielle from SidebySide also commented, “we love that they each talked about the watch she gave him and how she sneakily got it to be the perfect fit for the wedding day…we just had so much fun telling their story!” For Elizabeth & Jake they not only have the watch as an amazing memory, but also a video showing how in sync their hearts were even while apart on their wedding day. You can’t capture those details in a photograph!

4. Memorialize your loved ones

While this wasn’t represented directly through Elizabeth & Jake, my favorite thing about wedding video is the power that it has to capture life at its most joyful. Ideally, all of the guests at your wedding are close to your heart – but life has a habit of taking those we love before we’re ready. Your wedding video is the perfect opportunity to keep a joyful memory of your beloved close to your heart, at all times.

elizabeth and jake portrait outside


Videography: SidebySide Cinema
Photography: Marianne Wilson Photographers




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