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La Jolla Real Wedding: Natalie and Zach

Natalie and Zach wed at one of San Diego’s most luxurious & beautiful hotels: The Lodge at Torrey Pines. San Diego florist Sharon, with Organic Elements, was inspired to create an atmosphere of natural elements rather than arranged centerpieces. From the encompassing garlands around the chairs to the multiple layers of found objects set on the tables, their design was a custom yet natural environment, “grown” for Natalie and Zach just for this one night. We have a huge crush on the black anemone flower (the white flower with the black center) and we love that its all over these floral arrangements!

FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0100_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0112_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0124_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0157_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0234_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0242_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0310_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0321_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0337_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0528_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0534_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0538_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0544_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0547_SM FCS_ZulafAnciraWedding_0550_SM

Their talented team:
Venue: The Lodge at Torrey Pines
Photography: Found Creative Studio
Event Coordination: Ever After Events
Florist: Organic Elements 

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