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5 Eco-Tourism Wedding Destinations

If you love traveling and caring for our planet we have good news for you – you can do both on your wedding day! Check out this list of 5 incredible eco-friendly wedding destinations.


Green tourism, finding ways of traveling that are eco-friendly, and keeping up with a “green” lifestyle while on the road are all popular topics, but it’s harder to find good spots for eco-tourism and indulging in luxurious stays!

Many times this desire to Be Green encourages eco-conscious couples to throw an eco-friendly wedding. Some even go as far as hosting eco-friendly destination weddings. If you feel like this describes you, today we’ve picked out 5 of the best eco-tourism spots around the globe to get you inspired for your destination wedding.

 Eco-Tourism Destination #1: Belize


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Belize is probably one of those destinations where you aren’t rushing to visit. However, in recent years, this South American pearl has become a more and more attractive place for tourists, and of course, for eco-tourists. Belize is full of various high-class and luxurious eco-resorts affordable for everyone, and those can be perfect for your romantic and small destination wedding.

Before enjoying  your eco-friendly reception, don’t forget to explore ancient Mayan ruins which you can find in Belize jungles. Here you can also try out kayaking and scuba diving or even test your nerves diving among huge whale sharks that live there. This country can be quite a perfect honeymoon spot as well. Belize is indeed a perfect eco-friendly destination for all adventurous travelers who are looking for a unique place to get married!

 Eco-Tourism Wedding Destination #2: Borneo


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In an entirely different part of the world, you can visit the island Borneo, famous for its unique nature and biodiversity. It is also the world’s third largest island. With that size, you will surely find a lot of stuff to do after your wedding ceremony.

First of all, hike the Mount Kinabalu, then visit Selingan Turtle Island located nearby Borneo, and after watching baby turtles go to the sea, cozy up in one of the many eco-friendly hotels. Borneo Island is also famous for its local unique culture and rituals which you can also enjoy while staying there.

Eco-Tourism Wedding Destination #3: Iceland


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The land of fire and ice, Iceland is another superb destination for your eco-friendly wedding abroad. Here you can enjoy a vast number of volcanoes, hot springs, fjords and icecaps and feel like you’re walking on an entirely different planet. Imagine how amazing your wedding photos would look next to an icecap!

Because of the fantastic natural environment, local Icelanders are very protective of their unique nature and make extreme efforts to conserve natural resources and the beauty of this island. In fact, almost all of electricity used in Iceland came from renewable resources. Moreover, the Icelandic government encourages people to keep up with green lifestyles and even awards hotels and other tourists’ spots for adhering to green practices.

That said, Iceland is a fantastic place to get married due to country’s eco-friendly policy and breathtaking views, which will be just perfect for your wedding venue.

 Eco-Tourism Wedding Destination #4: Kerala, India


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Located in the south of India, the state of Kerala is better known for its heat. But here you can enjoy way more than just hot Indian sun and beaches. The vast jungles and greenery are something to look forward to. Imagine, after an exotic wedding ceremony  you can explore the incredible beauty of India.

Maybe one day you venture out on a wildlife safari, then treat yourself to an  exotic Ayurveda massage. This form of massage was born in Kerala and is exactly what you deserve after all the wedding planning. Overall,  Kerala is known for its beauty, so the tourism industry has made all efforts to maintain its natural landscapes.

Eco-Tourism Wedding Destination #5: Bora Bora


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And finally, Bora Bora island in French Polynesia. This real “paradise on Earth” is definitely worth considering if you are thinking of having a destination wedding with a lot of eco-friendliness in mind. First of all, the government of the island is trying to preserve the lagoon as much as possible because it is literally crucial for survival – the lagoon is the largest source of food in the isle. So naturally, some laws are protecting Bora Bora’s lagoons, reefs, and sea life.

Apart from strict rules, Bora Bora is charmingly beautiful and breathtaking. With fabulous Bora Bora hotels most of which are eco-friendly and are scattered nearby the coast. With one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and perfect climate all year around, Bora Bora is absolutely everything that you can wish for a wedding abroad.


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