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Wedding Dress Roundup: Our 7 Favorite Wedding Gowns

You want to see all of this season’s wedding gown beauty all in one place? Read up on our real weddings and you’ll see what stylish San Diego brides are wearing.  I rounded up my seven favorite wedding gowns from the real weddings in this issue.

If you had another fave, tell us about it!

I’m a traditional kind of gal, through and through. I swoon over lace detailing, modest cuts and simple design. Except for one thing – I’m a sucker for backless wedding dresses. Would love to hear what your favorite styles are!


Backless Lace Wedding Gown

This wedding dress style is sheer perfection in my book. The cut is stunning on this bride and the lace is delicate and romantic, but the intermittent chiffon gives it a modern touch. Plus, it think it’s great that the dress is not all the same color. The light nude or blush under the ivory chiffon and lace is a great stand-out addition. View the whole Sayulita Real Wedding.

favorite spring wedding dress backless lace

Backless Lace Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: The Hearts Haven

Lace and Chiffon Wedding Gown

This wedding dress has many winning elements happening – and they completely work! A little hint of skin with the open back, a banded wast, high-low hem, thigh-high slit and of course, my favorite, lace. It feels sophisticated, but breezy. View the whole wedding at Cuyamaca State Park.


272favorite spring wedding dress lace with slit

Lace and Chiffon Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: Amazonas Photography

High Neck, Floral Lace Wedding Gown

While I refuse to pick “a” favorite, this wedding dress is a major contender for the title. The speckled floral accents in the lace are far more playful than traditional lace. Also, the structure and shape of the wedding gown is phenomenal. The high neck gathers beautifully at the waist then flares out to a very subtle mermaid. View this wedding dress in all of it’s glory in this La Jolla wedding. 

272favorite spring wedding dress high neck floral

High Neck, Floral Lace Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: Evangeline Lane Photography

Modern Backless Wedding Gown

Katie’s chic, modern wedding gown is one of the only times I have strayed from my love for traditional silhouettes. This boat neck wedding gown, with a gorgeous open back and elegant calf-high slit stole my heart. It is cleanly cut, is the perfect blank canvas for any accessories, and is perfect for the modern, urban bride. View the whole Palm Springs wedding. 

272favorite spring wedding dress modern backless

Modern Backless Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: Lauren Scotti

Elegant Structured Wedding Gown

And back to my traditionalism we go! I love, love, love this gown. It is so elegant and chic that it almost hurts. I also can’t get enough of the structured back + jewel detail on this wedding dress. Follow this link to see every jaw dropping angle.

favorite spring wedding dress modern structured

Elegant Structured Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: Chris and Kristen Photography

Lace Wedding Gown with a Plunging Neckline

As a petite woman, dresses with a defined waist and a deep neckline always make the top of my list. This version, though busier than I might usually choose, is the perfect centerpiece in a black tie wedding. It has the sleeved elegance of Kate Middleton, yet the playful simplicity of a traditional mermaid (or is it a trumpet?) gown. Catch all the pics of this Balboa Park wedding. 

272favorite spring wedding dress plunging neckline lace

Lace Wedding Gown with a Plunging Neckline | Photo Credit: She Wanders Photography

Tea Length Wedding Gown

And to end with a bit of fun…who doesn’t love a tea-length gown? They are unexpected, youthful, fresh and overall carefree. Perfect for a party in the garden or a wedding set in a ballroom. They can be vintage-y or especially girly or eclectic and funky – all depending on the bride! Check out the whimsical, princess look that this bride chose for her tea length wedding dress.

272favorite spring wedding dress modern tea length

Tea Length Wedding Gown | Photo Credit: Acqua Photo


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