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Design Details: Watercolors & Floral Masterpieces

These days, brides are always looking for different ways to make their engagement and wedding standout from all the rest. We’ve seen out-of-the-box gowns, unconventional venues, and show stopping reception performances. Before you know it, everything has already been done before. Looking for another way to spice up your wedding design? Check out what Amy Lynn Photography captured with the use of watercolors & floral masterpieces that are guaranteed to make any wedding trendier and design-tastic!

This photoshoot inspired us with an art gallery like flare that we can’t stop talking about. When you walk into an art gallery, the works of art make you feel something, whether it be nostalgia, joy, or sadness. This is exactly the artistic elements that we think will make your wedding or engagement elements stand out. Water color inspired invitations and paper elements are an adorable DIY touch that feels thoughtful and sentimental. Although we must admit, these amazing paint designs are DWH, done with help. and Samantha Louise Designs is that helper.  Along with watercolors, these extravagant, wiry looking flower arrangements keep your eyes entertained and stimulated. Kimberly of The Dainty Lion does her work with passion and love behind it. She takes the individual and creates an arrangement around their personality and vibe.

Interestingly enough, the models in this photoshoot ARE Kimberly and Samantha, so they really know what these artistic elements are all about. There are no limits when you aim to go a little abstract with your design elements and it’s bound produce something new and exciting for your wedding that’s never been done before.

bouquetartbouquets1bouquets watercolorsconcretewatercolorscactuswatercolorsandbouquet watercolors“The contrast of hues and layers.  Highly pigmented colors.  Finding rhythm in the chaos.  Lines and shapes.  Geometrics and dimension. Clusters and non traditional techniques.  Abstract art gives me the opportunity to have all these things collide in the most messy wonderful way.” Samantha

detailsbouquets2bouquet6“What I love most about floral design is how it makes people feel. Together we will come up with a concept which makes that visual impact resonate with your guests.” Kimberly


Photography: Amy Lynn Photography
Paper Elements: Samantha Louise Designs
Floral: The Dainty Lion


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