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Decor Inspiration: Instagram Worthy Backdrops

Do you want your wedding decor to be Insta-Awesome? Of course you do! Check out three ideas here to make Instagram worthy backdrops in your wedding.

How to flood your Instagram with photos of your wedding: Hang and awesome backdrop that’s just begging to be photographed. These ideas will get your guests’ trigger fingers going faster than you can say #bestweddingever.

1. Create a Wall of Flowers

Whether it’s completely floor to ceiling or just a really awesome garland strung along a key wall, floral arrangements shouldn’t be reserved for only the tabletop.


2. Get Crafty with some Fabric

Tying long strips of lace or fabric and different ribbons to a curtain rod or rope takes little time or skill and will make a big impact (especially if it’s hung outside, so it catches the breeze).

instagram wedding backdrop fabric

3. Light it Up

Zig-zagged strands of outdoor lights against a wall crate an art-installation look that brightens a room – and your photos.



Geometric Backdrop: Nic Roc Designs
Desserts: Hey There, Cupcake!
Fabric Backdrop: Karina Puente
Photographers: SheWanders Photography (2); Megan Welker Photography (1 & 3)

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