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San Diego Real Wedding: Wendy & Todd

We’ve seen a lot of weddings over the years (it’s kind of our specialty), and in every wedding there is one thing that catches our eye. In Wendy and Todd’s case, we love every bit. But above all, the joy. When looking through Wendy and Todd’s wedding album it is impossible to miss the joy jumping out of your screen. It simply puts a smile on your face.

Of course, there are thousands of weddings where the couple looks ridiculously happy. So, what’s the difference in this wedding? Well, at least in my eyes, I think it’s amazing how every member of the bridal party and the guests exude this joy as well. So, what’s Wendy and Todd’s secret? Clearly, the first step is to gather an awesome group of people and make sure they are in your wedding. That is not the only part of the secret formula though! The other essential key to having a wedding that demonstrates your joy for generations, lies on the other side of the camera.

That’s right, the secret to an irresistibly adorable wedding is your wedding photographer. Take this post as our Pro Tip: a great wedding photographer is one of the best decisions on your wedding day.

What should you look for when hiring a wedding photographer? Glad you asked! Here are a few pointers.

  • Does this photographer specialize in weddings? This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an important question. There is a skill involved in capturing candid, intimate moments. A sports photographer may not be able to capture them in the same way as a wedding photographer.
  • Do you like their photographic style? Are they colorful, moody, soft light or brightly lit? Every photographer has a unique style, you should make sure you love it!
  • Ask what they enjoy. During your consultations you can get a sense if photographers fit your personality by the ways they choose to spend their time.
  • Do they put you at ease? This is the most important part of choosing a wedding photographer. The right person will make you, and your entire wedding party, comfortable and highlight the natural happiness from within the group.

Lucky for you, we have incredible wedding photographers here in San Diego. Including Chana & Don who artfully captured this wedding, and many more in our Vendor Guide!

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Ceremony and Reception: Scripps Seaside Forum
Getting Ready and Formal Portraits: Estancia, La Jolla
Photographer: Chana and Don
Coordinator: Tami Austin
Florist: Jerri Disney
Caterer: Culinary Concepts
Band: Big Daddy Orchestra
Videographer: Blue Tiger Films


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