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San Diego Engagement Photos: Morva & Brian

Looking for unique locations for your San Diego engagement photos? Follow Morva and Brian’s lead and step off of the well-worn coastal path to inland San Diego.

This couple found everything they were looking for in Poway at the old Poway Midland Railroad station. Their engagement shoot combined a variety of successful styles which blended beautifully into an organic, playful, rustic and nostalgic work of photographic art. Here are a few tips you can glean from Morva and Brian’s engagement.  Check out the photos below, captured by San Diego based photographer Studio Carre.

Engagement Photos Tip One: Location, Location, Location

Location is everything in both an engagement shoot and a wedding. More specifically, as we see in this shoot, a location that feels like many locations. This trick will give you photos that offer stylish diversity while remaining simple in execution. We see Morva and Brian move from a natural wooded space, to train tracks, to a weathered barn, to the old-time station itself. The results: dynamic photos that show off the couple’s personality.

san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-trees-vertical san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-balloons-train-tracks san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-barn san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-old-station-exterior

Engagement Photos Tip Two: Outfit Change

Much like site change, an outfit change or two elevates your engagement photos. Pick clothes that are comfortable, suit the environment, and most of all, make you feel like a confident rockstar couple! Morva and Brian coordinated their outfits nicely without being too “matchy”. They also transitioned their clothing from casual to formal in line with their site and lighting changes. Well done!

san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-trees-horizontal san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-forest

Engagement Photos Tip Three: Color and Light

This is as much of a personality tip as it is a photographer tip. When researching photographers be look at how they play with lighting and color balance. Do they have mostly sharp and bright photos? Are their strongest photos black and white with sharp contrast? Maybe a soft glow? Each of these traits give you a sneak peek to a photographer’s personality and will help you brainstorm the type of photos you want hanging on your wall. Check out Studio Carre and other talented San Diego photographers in our vendor guide!

san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-balloons-close-up san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-old-station-exterior-night

Engagement Photos Tip Four: Have Fun with Props

Your engagement photo props shouldn’t be fussy, they should feel organic and manageable. Wedding planning is stressful enough. The last thing you need to think about is remembering more props than you can actually carry. I love Morva and Brian’s props because some look like they could immediately transition into wedding decor (multitasking), others are playful and fun, and others were taken from their immediate environment. Perfection!

san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-balloons-vertical san-diego-engagement-diamond-ring san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-train-car san-diego-engagement-poway-railroad-wedding-prop


Photographer: Shannon at Studio Carre Photographie



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