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Get Inspired: Truly Unique Wedding Video

In case you missed it, an incredible wedding video went viral last month and I think all of you San Diego dog-lovers will quickly see why. If you’re looking for ways to get creative with your videography have we got the inspiration for you!

Last year a couple who married in Tennessee, in the same spot where they had their first date 10 years earlier, decided to let their fur-baby film their wedding day. They secured a GoPro to their dog and let her run about the home, wedding ceremony site and reception in order to get a unique perspective. From the first moments waking up, to the last toddling wedding guest – the results are wonderful!

Not only was the video a breath of fresh inspiration, but the wedding was beautifully simple as well. It was set on Roan Mountain in Tennessee amid a snowy forest, then followed up with the reception at a private residence. Everything about the wedding looks oh-so-cozy, intimate and packed with emotion.

Check out the video below and maybe (just maybe) get inspired to have your canine companion become your canine cameraman. Or get in touch with any one of our incredible San Diego wedding videographers and photographers in our vendor guide!

Permanent link to video and owner’s page HERE


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