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Cuisine: Bite-Sized Appetizers

For cocktail hour, bite-sized appetizers go best with small talk. All the easier to chat while you chew!

Avoid the glass of wine and app juggle with bite-sized appetizers that allow your guests to sample all of the fare. These bite-sized appetizers may be small in size, but they pack a major punch in flavor.



Bite2 Bite3  Bites4 bites5 bites6 bites7 bites8




1. Photo by True Photography
2. Toast Catering; Photo by True Photography 
3. Festivities Catering; Photo by Baumman Photographers
4. Continental Catering; Photo by Eisenhower Photography
5. Toast Catering
6. Continental Catering; Photo by Heidi-O-Photo
7. Toast Catering
8. Giuseppi Catetring; Photo by She Wanders
9. Giuseppi Catetring; Photo by She Wanders
10. Festivities Catering; Photo by Baumman Photographers
11. Toast Catering

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