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Trending: 11 Hot Wedding Trends for 2015-2016

What’s hot for your wedding, right this second.

1.  Go green with your bouquet.

Not the peonies-and-roses kind of girl?  Consider a stunning earthy mix of eucalyptus, grassy millet, and succulents instead. Bouquet below by Bespoke Floral & Event Design.


Angelina Lopez Photography

2.  Make your pup a part of the bridal party.

Not everyone has a sweet-as-can-be child in their family or friend circle.  Add a little light-hearted charm to the ceremony with a little help from man’s best friend instead (bonus: they won’t start fussing during dinner).

3.  Jazz up your bridesmaid dress selection.

Throwing a floral dress into the mix will guarantee two things:  asn instant boost of fun to your overall theme (think of the photos!), and serious love from your girls because there’s a higher probability they will actually wear the dress again.

4.  Create a scent memory.

An all-white everything bouquet of gardenias “is timeless and smells like heaven,” says Alexandra Wise, owner of Blush botanicals, who created the bouquet pictured below.  Plus:  You’ll think of your big Day every time you catch a whiff of them.


5.  Laser cut your signage.

“Print is great, but laser cut adds dimension and depth,” says Nichole Rocero of Nic Roc designs, who dreamt up the cake topper below.  Try it with escort cards, decor, stir sticks- the opportunities are endless.


6.  Think big picture.

These acrylic escort cards are a step up from card stock that, when assembled side-by-side, “makes for an awesome honeycomb effect,” says Taryn Sutherland of Twinkle & Toast, who designed them.


7. Get crazy with your shoes.

Bows! Florals! Whatever makes your heart happy-skip the sparkly white and opt for something a little more fun.

8.  Upgrade your tent.

Why pray for good weather only to block it out with an opaque tent?  There’s nothing dreamier than these sheer panels converging at a massive floral chandelier.  The tent pictured is coordinated by the talented Christine Ong of Lavish Weddings.


9.  Turn centerpieces into favors.

Kimberly Anderson Bolis, owner of the Dainty Lion, creates bouquets while they party is in full swing.  “This way couples don’t have to toss their flowers after the wedding,” she says.

10.  Channel your inner hippie.

Even if you’re more black-tie than boho, the soft touch of a little macrame can still be woven into the details of your day.  “We have found it adds a unique, bespoke charm to an array of wedding styles,” says Heather Balliet, owner of Amorology  Weddings.


11. Personalize your rings.

Okay, engraving a little love note is nothing new, but we were excited about all of the different font options available through (like “Amelia,” pictured here).



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