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Engagement Photos: Torrey Pines Romance

Despite the summer warmth, this couple embraced their favorite season and were inspired by autumn at their engagement photo shoot at Torrey Pines Trails.Even though they went to the same school and shared mutual friends, Larry and Melissa had never crossed paths until they met online. After their first date, where they spent four hours deep in conversation, they knew this was the beginning of something very special.

Walking the trails hand-in-hand and going on a kite flying adventure at Scripps Pier, this couple’s admiration and love for one another is captured by Clove & Kin in these natural and classic engagement photos.


Melissa & Larry 1

Melissa & Larry 2

Melissa & Larry 3

Melissa & Larry 4

Melissa & Larry 5

Melissa & Larry 6

Melissa & Larry 7

Melissa & Larry 8



Photography: Clove & Kin

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