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Cuisine: 5 Cakes To Make You Cry Tiers of Joy

Are you over the typical white frosting, figurine-mounted wedding cakes? These 5 fresh takes on the wedding cake are fun, new, unconventional ways to please the crowd (and fill their stomachs).

1. This wedding cake is definitely a timeless variation of the classic wedding cake. The fresh lavender and rough frosting make it rustic. The lack of decoration makes it so chic!

Tiers of Joy #52. For those of us who prefer cakes of the deep-fried, spherical variety: this donuthole ensemble is perfect. Maybe I’m just a purist, but you can’t go wrong with the classic glaze.

Tiers of Joy #4

3. This multi-colored, multi-patterned, multi-tiered cake is so fun. We love the cute colors and how quirky the different patterns look! The shape is on the more conventional side, creating a sick contrast.

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4. This clever cake matches the vintage decor surrounding it. Don’t you adore the entire dessert table? Even the corkboard the cake is sitting on is totally cool. The sideways table gives it such a buffet-style feel, which, frankly, makes us hungry just to look at.

Tiers of joy #2

5. Another gorgeous take on the classic white cake. The beautiful red rose garnish adds the perfect passionate flair to the otherwise basic cake. No cheesy bride and groom figurines in sight, making this one a minimalist masterpiece.View More:


1. Cake by Kuba Kreations
2. Donutholes by Donut Star (Mission Hills), (619) 542-1809
3. Cake by Michele Coulon
4. Cake by Hey There, Cupcake!
5. Cake by VG Donuts


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