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Engagement Photos: Marisa & Evan

It was going to be the perfect surprise. Evan had no idea, Marisa had told only about 3 people and the plan was all set.

They would visit Philadelphia, one of Marisa’s favorite cities, and she would propose in front of the “Love” in Love Park. Her college roommate/good friend Caitlin would come for “drinks” but was also there to photograph the proposal. Since they were back East for the week, all of the family would find out at once, it could’ve been so easy.

In reality, the morning of, Marisa and Evan woke up to realize that Marisa’s brand new iPhone 6 was missing from the night before. It must’ve fallen out of the cab and was now lost and gone forever. The two spent all morning running back and forth from AT&T to Radio Shack and back just trying to find and activate the cheapest phone available… as only Marisa knew that in a few short hours, today would become monumental. The only phone available could only talk to non-iPhones,  and to top the morning off it started to rain… the day couldn’t get much worse.

While still waiting for Caitlin to come into town, Marisa and Evan went to “check out” Love Park, a.k.a Marisa wanted to scout out the location and foiled again! There was a full “Christmas Village” set up through the entire park including a line 50 people deep to take a picture in front of the Love. Nothing was turning out as planned! Caitlin finally got there, they went back to Love sign to look once more and Caitlin said “Ya no, let’s go to City Hall. It’s quiet, there’s pretty lights, we can get a nice picture of you two there.”

So they walk to City Hall and Caitlin starts taking pictures of them and that’s when Marisa got down on one knee. She was so nervous and exhausted from the 6 hours of running around the city, in the rain, stressed out… that she couldn’t even get out the question. Evan of course said yes, they cried a little and at least Evan had a reliable phone to call and tell her family. It was a magical day nonetheless and one neither of them will ever forget.



Photography: Whitney Legge 

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