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Engagement Shoot: She Said “Yes” to the Besta-Wan

Highschool sweethearts, turned long-term friends and, now, happily engaged lovebirds Jamie and Brad celebrated their engagement with a bright, fun-filled photo shoot in Cardiff. You will not want to miss these adorable photos and the bride’s story of their whirlwind romance!

Jamie and Brad, Cardiff locals, LOVE their seaside neighborhood and lifestyle in Cardiff. They often spend their time surfing, running the coastal trail, sunset watching at the beach and sharing many of their meals at the ever popular, Besta-Wan Pizza House. Because of this, they wanted their engagement photos to embody how they live out their relationship on an everyday basis. Also, with both of their fun-loving personalities big smiles and candid moments were guaranteed! Enjoy the photo gallery below…but first, make sure you read their love story. You will swoon!


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“Brad  and I grew up 2 miles away from one another, attended the same junior high, but we were finally introduced by mutual friends while attending La Costa Canyon High School. We dated in high school, spent many nights attending team unity parties with the lacrosse teams, stargazing in the Jetta, beach days, hours at LA Fitness, adventures to Canyon Lake and 2003 Prom. When Brad and I went away to college, we continued our friendship over the years, always knew where one another was, and what the other was doing. Whenever anything would happen, the first phone call would be to each other!
The real sparks didn’t start flying until November of 2012 when Brad was working with the Solana Beach Fire Department. The crew was planning to attend a Chargers game. Brad purchased 2 tickets and asked me to join, but only if  I agreed to dinner. Upon comparing schedules, we realized the only time that we could do dinner was the very next night! We spent the evening touring Brad’s new neighborhood of Ocean Beach and indulging in Taco Tuesday. We clearly didn’t understand the popularity of Taco Tuesday, and found ourselves having more drinks than they did tacos [We’ve all been there, am I right?] We spent the entire evening enjoying our time together and while watching the sun come up, Brad called out of work and quickly peer pressured me to do the same so that they could spend the next day exploring La Jolla… 24 hours had gone by without either of us even realizing it.
Through the charismatic charm, contagious wit, and subtle hints of growing affection, I quickly won over Brad’s heart and Brad quickly won mine.”


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Photography: Justin Lee Photography
Hair: Katie L’Heureux, Vanity Salon
Makeup: Ashley Fierro, My Girls on Film Studios

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