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Expert Advice: 5 Ways to Honor Your Mother at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is all about building a new family and honoring all of the different people in your life that have been a support to you and your beau. This Mother’s Day, we take a look at how to honor the mamas in our lives on your wedding day.  Here are 5 ways to honor your mother at your wedding:

1.  Treat her. Remember that your wedding day is an important day for your mother, too.  Make her feel special by treating her to a mani/pedi, or hair & makeup.
2.  Wear a piece of her jewelry.  Family heirlooms are some of the most special jewelry you can wear down the aisle.  Make your “something borrowed” be a token from Mom or Grandma.
3.  Reserve a special dance just for her.  Father daughter dances are part of tradition, but who says you can’t have a special dance with mom, too?
4.  Include her in your ceremony.  Have her say a poem, prayer, or give a piece of advice.
5.  Let her walk you down the aisle (with Dad!)

On my wedding day, I chose to honor my Grandmother (since my Mom is no longer alive).  My engagement ring was actually my Grandmother’s engagement ring from the 1950’s.  My husband and I decided to cut off the center box, and turn it into a necklace for my Grandma.  I ended up wearing the center box/stone down the aisle on our wedding day, and then gifted it to her.  It was the ultimate “something borrowed” and meant so much to both of us.  You can catch pictures of it here:


You can also see the  full post of my wedding here.


Phtography: Amy Lynn Photography
Florals: Leaf it to Lexi
Hair & Makeup: Thorne Artistry



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