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Engagement Photos: Ocean Beach Stroll

Sara and Jason decided to take their engagement photos in their own neighborhood of Ocean Beach at their favorite coffee shop and in a secluded spot on the beach with just enough time for the perfect sunset shot.

Their shoot was captured by Stacy Keck, who’s known Sara for many years, back when they both lived in Ocean Beach. On the day of the shoot, the trio met at their favorite coffee shop, Newbreak Cafe, for a few quick photos with the couple’s adorable pup before heading toward the beach. “They led us to our next stop, a secret beach carved out along the bright orange cliffs,” Stacy says. “I can’t believe that after living in OB for four years, I had never been here! We timed our evening perfectly to make one last stop at the OB pier for sunset.”

Check out their beach-inspired session below:

ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-1 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-2 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-3 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-4 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-5 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-7 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-8 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-6 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-9 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-10 ocean-beach-engagement-shoot-11


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