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Engagement Photos: Off to the Countryside

Escape to the countryside with Claudia and Fabio as you enjoy highlights from their engagement photo session – shot in Julian by Singler Photography.

When a group of photographers, and good friends, get together for a photography session, you know that the results will be magical. Fabio was the wedding photographer for husband and wife team Singler Photography, so when Claudia and Fabio asked them to return the favor, they were elated!

The group headed east of San Diego, to Julian, where they found several stylish country settings for the shots. Because of the varied landscapes they were able to balance the appeal of waterside shots, the dynamic aspect of images of the couple walking, and capture beautiful lighting and shadows bouncing off the earth.

Hope you enjoy the gallery below, and stay tuned for wedding photos in the future. Claudia and Fabio’s wedding is just one month away!

Julian_1 Julian_2 Julian_3 Julian_4 Julian_5 Julian_6 Julian_7 Julian_8 Julian_9 Julian_10 Julian_11



Photographer: Singler Photography

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