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Engagement Photos: Valentine’s Day Twist of Fate

When a date turns into marriage- it is a story we must share with our readers! Especially this sweet engagement story of Isabella and Kelly that includes a Valentine’s Day twist of fate.

Isabella and Kelly met on but,  it wasn’t until a few more dates that they connected the dots and figured out that they were in the same 3rd grade class! Both of them were 100% convinced that they were perfect strangers- so they decided to do some digging and find some evidence.

Since neither of their families were able to locate their 3rd grade photo, Isabella decided to go to St Patrick’s school on Valentine’s day last year to see if she could find it (yes seriously- on Valentine’s Day!). As fate would have it, she was able to locate the photo AND see that she and her beloved were standing side by side in their 3rd grade picture! Particularly strange since their last names are no where near each other in the alphabet.

(She likes to think they were holding hands in the photo and we choose to go along with that story).  Kelly’s Dad Calls it a match made in 3rd grade.

It doesn’t get more romantic than this, folks. We hope you enjoy Isabella and Kelly’s engagement photos, a special nod to their grammar school days. Isabella was open enough to share the photo she found of her and Kelly in 3rd grade- we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



IMG_8866 IMG_9029






Photography: Paloma Bravence

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