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Fabulous Finds: Workout Gear for the New Year

Happy New Year!  The New Year is the perfect excuse for a new you. It’s time to get fit (in style of course!).  So bring on the strapless wedding dress arms and slim physiques.

We’ve at the very least got you covered when it comes to ‘dressing the part.’  Best of luck with keeping those New Year resolutions.  It can be hard to stay on track, but with your big day just around the corner and a little bit of fashion confidence- we know you will be able to hit all of your New Year goals in 2015!




1. Fit Bit, Tory Burch
2. Workout Mat, Lulu Lemon
3. Printed Yoga Pants, Urban Outfitters
4. Swell Water bottle, Pigment
5. Cowl Neck Pullover, Nordstrom
6. Sports Bra, Jcrew
7. Printed Sports Bra, Lulu Lemon
8. Eos Lip Balm,



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