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Engagement Photos: A Day at the Museum

Today’s engagement session proves that fancy set-ups and elaborate concepts aren’t always the answer to great photos. Diana and Sean’s La Jolla photo sesh, as captured by Jasmine Fitzwilliam of Let’s Frolic Together, is a great lesson in simplicity.

While formulating ideas, Diana realized she was over-thinking things. “I was getting unnecessarily stressed out trying to choose a unique and significant concept,” she says. “Jasmine encouraged us not to worry so much about the location, activities, clothing, etc. So we decided to keep things basic: just enjoy a meal together and then visit the La Jolla caves, which we hadn’t been to before.” The couple started their shoot with champagne—which helped calm their nerves!—and moved from La Jolla’s Museum of Contemporary Art, to the caves, and finally to a charming and random La Jolla nook, where Diana and Sean could show off their personalities. “We’d brought books by our favorite authors, James Baldwin and Chinua Achebe, which we wanted to incorporate somehow,” Diana says. “Jasmine indulged us, and we ended our shoot with a fun, nerdy moment reading together—those are my favorite photos.”

Take a look at their day out in La Jolla:

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Venues: Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla and La Jolla Caves
Photography: Jasmine Fitzwilliam of Let’s Frolic Together


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