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Real Wedding: Emily & Matthew

This San Diego couple returned to their roots of down-home, small-town Northern California and exchanged their vows for a love-filled future with a simple, yet refined, wedding amongst the great outdoors.

Add up an outdoor venue nestled in the Northern California foothills, a lace gown, DIY decor, and what do you get? A “rustic” wedding! Not in this case though. Bride Emily had a clear vision of a relaxed, contemporary wedding and wholeheartedly avoided using anything rustic because “everyone and their mom was using that theme.” So today, Emily is going to give you the inside scoop on how to marry your desire for an outdoor, small-town , DIY wedding with your vision of contemporary elegance.

Venue: I had my heart set on a vineyard since Placerville is close to quite a few, but most of them ended up being dirty or unaffordable. Again, we didn’t want a rustic outdoor wedding, just a beautiful outdoor setting. Also, Matthew is from an Italian family so a vineyard with an Italian inspiration was the perfect place for us to tie the knot! We stumbled across Villa Florentina online, it was the first place we visited and we immediately fell in love. It just took a little research to uncover.

Decor: We used minimal decor to keep it simple, we didn’t want to take away from the venue’s beauty and the view of the hills. I also wanted to remain as low-maintenance as possible.The boxes that were used as centerpieces were made just for us by a close friend of ours, all of the wooden boxes & table numbers were stained with a light finish (stained by yours truly). I think the light finish helped brighten the tables and moved away from the traditional raw wood look. These centerpieces and table numbers were so popular that they have been featured in at least 4 other weddings, passed down from bride to bride! As you can see in our photos, we also tried to incorporate a lot of glass because of their clean shape and the sharp lines nicely contrasted the softness of the landscape and table settings.

Bouquets:  The morning of our wedding my bridesmaids and I all sat outside on the riverfront deck at my parents house and made our own bouquets. There was something so special about having a bouquet that was hand crafted, bound and cut by my best friends! Also, my mom arranged all the centerpieces! 

Personal Touches: Above all, our families and friends are the highlights of our lives and we wanted to have a wedding that really celebrated them as well. Everyone was intimately involved with the creation of our special day, including the beautiful bouquets, the table settings made by friends, a slideshow made by my dad, and craft cocktails which were customized by each family (Matthew’s grandparents are famous for: the Corsini Martini. The James Gang featured: Jack & Coke for my family and the Goethel Guava Vodka, which Matthew and I both love.)

Enjoy their wedding gallery below!

Goethel_1 Goethel_2 Goethel_3 Goethel_4 Goethel_5 Goethel_6 Goethel_7 Goethel_8 Goethel_9 Goethel_10 Goethel_11 Goethel_12 Goethel_13 Goethel_14 Goethel_15 Goethel_16 Goethel_17 Goethel_18 Goethel_19 Goethel_20 Goethel_21 Goethel_22 Goethel_23 Goethel_24 Goethel_25

Dress: Renfros
Venue: Villa Florentina
Catering: Bocca Catering
Photography: Megan Ann Photography

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