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Real Wedding: Jenn and Mark

This good-humored couple kicked off  their marriage at the Morgan Run Club & Resort with a day that celebrated family, showcased Southern California scenery, and brought the wedding party together for a drink before walking down the aisle. Read on for my three favorite things about their special day.

First of all, trees! As a Northern California native I love and this Resort boasts trees ranging from the iconic palms trees of the SoCal extending to towering redwood-esque pines I remember from home. The photographer Samantha’s skill at capturing different faces of the scenery at the venue deserves a lot of praise!

Second, while champagne is to weddings like peanut butter is to jelly, this couple reached for something a little stronger to kick off their day. Great way to calm the nerves and bring the wedding party together. (The photo with Jenn and her father at the foot of the aisle, brought a huge smile to my face).

Finally, there is no denying the deep adoration that Jenn and Mark display for each other. You can practically feel the love between this couple radiating in every photograph. From their tender embraces under the trees to their similarly fun-loving personal touches in their wedding attire.

Enjoy the gallery below!

RW_1 RW_2 RW_3 RW_4 RW_5 RW_6 RW_8 RW_9 RW_10 RW_11 RW_12 RW_13 RW_14 RW_15 RW_16 RW_17 RW_18


Photography: Samantha Bonpensiero Photography
Venue: Morgan Run Club + Resort
Florals: Taya of Compass Floral
Cake: Edelweiss Bakery

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