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Expert Advice: 6 Ways to Save on Your Tab

Coordinator Melissa Barrand of I Do…Weddings and Events gives her advice on six ways to save on your tab!bar-

1. Close the bar during dinner. Drinking drops substantially once people enter a ballroom and sit down to eat.

2. Limit options. Serve just beer and wine at the end of the night.

3. Unless your entire guest list is heavy drinkers, plan to be charged based on consumption (versus an open bar, which is unlimited).

4. “If you’re doing a bar based on consumption, put a cap on it. I ask the banquet captain to come to me when the bar tab is 80 or 90 percent total. Then I go to the father of the bride or whoever is paying and ask if they want to extend the bar, accept cash, host just wine, etc.”

5. Skip the bubbly. Champagne is not universally loved. Everyone gets that pour, but not everyone drinks it. They’ll toast with whatever they’re drinking.

6. Serve a call brand. You can upgrade to moderate or top-shelf liquor later.

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