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Expert Advice: 10 Planning Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Becoming engaged is a very exciting time, and it marks the beginning of the planning process that will take you through to your wedding day.  As things get underway, things might start to get a little hectic.  Festivities Catering has put together this list of tips for newly engaged couples to help make the planning experience easy and fun.

Ten Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

  1. Remember that the big day is about the two of you.  As the planning process gets underway, a lot of ideas and input are going to come at you from all sides.  Be open to help from others, but remember to stay true to the vision that you have as a couple.

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2.  Avoid taking on too much.  Having the help of a wedding planner or coordinator is absolutely invaluable in terms of lowering stress levels during the planning process.

3.  Make decisions together.  You two, as a couple, make up the most important part of the wedding planning process.  Try your hardest not to lose sight of that.

4.  Delegate wherever possible.  If you try to manage every detail of the event on your own, chances are that something will slip through the cracks.  Be sure to allow others to help whenever they can, and try not to micromanage too much.  Things will get done, and your day will be beautiful.

5.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  There will be times throughout the planning process that things don’t go completely as you planned or hoped they would.  While some of those things might be bigger than others, it is important to try to keep your focus on what is going right so as not to get overwhelmed.

6.  Your wedding day will be as beautiful as you make it. While much of the planning process involve things that can be controlled—such as choosing a caterer and menu, figuring out which dress you want to wear or selecting the color scheme—plenty of other things cannot be controlled, such as the weather or how your guests respond to your event.  Choosing to let things unfold and enjoy them as much as possible will help keep your stress levels down.

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7.  Book a caterer.  While that may seem like a given, plenty of couples try to handle food coordination on their own and have varying degrees of success.  Handing the reins and responsibility over to someone else frees you up to just enjoy the meal, letting someone else handle the process of getting that meal onto the plates.

Tip 7
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8.  Enjoy every moment.  The planning process may take anywhere between a week and a year, but the wedding day goes by in a blur.  Try to take it all in as it happens and do your best to relish every second.

Tip 8
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9.  Hire a photographer.  Pictures seem like a little thing when you are in the midst of planning, but being able to look back on the good memories, group shots and event details will bring smiles to your face for years to come.

10.  Remember why you are doing this.  You may not feel it now, but there will be days that the chaos of planning might start to weigh you down.  Hire help, delegate where possible, and remember why you are celebrating this big event: true love and the beginning of your life together as husband and wife.

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