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Design Inspiration: Nail Your Engagement Photo Shoot

When it comes to engagement pics, couples love to show their personality. Here’s how to prepare and pose like a pro.

1. Keep lips matte.

Easy on the gloss! Too much shine combined with the camera’s flash can create a reflection engagement1

2 . Perfect your posture,

Drop your shoulders and maintain a long neck. Bad posture is like your body frowning. engagement2

3. Use big props.

Hot air balloons, motorcycles, sailboats, and fighter jets! Choose an activity, setting- or mode of transportation- you love and build a theme around it. engagement3

4. Go for solids

Patterns don’t always translate well on-camera. Wear a bright, solid color to boost the vibrancy. engagement4

5. Confidence is key.

If you’re feeling comfortable, then you’ll enjoy the shoot…and maybe your guy will loosen up too.

6. Use the session as practice.

Your E-shoot is an opportunity to learn how well you do in front of the camera, to audition a specific hairstyle or photographer, or figure out if you think you have a good idea.


1. Hot air balloon photo by Deer Lovers Photography
2. Fighter jet photo by Acqua Photo
3. Motorcycle photo by Rippee Photography
4. Sailboat photo by Anika London

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