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Contributors: Fall 2014/ Spring 2015

Meet this issue’s contributing writers, photographers and creative artists.fawn-christensen

Fawn Christensen

Photographer, Fawn Christensen Photography

Fawn Christensen is a boutique-wedding photographer based in San Diego. Her look and style is a combination of finding that dreamy light, anticipating genuine moments, and being sincerely creative. In her spare time, she loves to travel.
Tip for brides: Having an engagement photo shoot will not only produce gorgeous photos, but will help you feel comfortable with our photographer before the big day. Your “been-there-done-that” confidence in front of the lens will shine through in your wedding pictures!

leah-winetzLeah Winetz

Florist, Bespoke Floral and Event Design

A self-proclaimed “plant geek,” after nine years of landscape designing, Leah Winetz honed her skills to focus specifically on flowers, opening Bespoke Floral and Event Design in 2011. Se feels lucky to form wonderful friendships with her clients.
Tip for brides: Flowers are an intimate and personal part of your wedding. Adding flowers or herbs that have specific meaning to table centerpieces not only tells guests your story, but also ushers you into married future.

Lynn-ChyiLynn Chyi

Photographer, Lynn Chyi Photography

Lynn Chyi is a self-taught wedding and food photographer and the technical supervisor and principle photographer fr the “Sam Livecast” online cooking show.
Tip for brides: On the wedding day, have a detailed schedule for the photographer, including breaks. When your photographer is thinking and feeling his best, it really shows in the pictures, too. Be sure to delegate small tasks to friends and family as well- they love to help!

Melissa-WardMelissa Ward

Designer, Whimsique

After graphic designing for a major toy and baby gear company, Melissa Ward began creating invitations at the request of friends and family. Her previous experience with event planning and production led to the creation of Wimsique in 2009.
Tips for brides: Your invitation sets the tone of your wedding, so make sure you have an idea of what style you want before beginning. Play with shape, color, textures, and printing techniques to create a unique piece that reflects you both as a couple.

Sylvia-JaimesSylvia Jaimes

Florist, SJ Floral Design

Childhood memories of her grandmother’s garden and floral arrangements inspired Sylvia Jaimes to leave the fashion industry and open SJ Floral Design in 2008.
Tip for brides: When incorporating flowers in your hair, look for sturdy and waxy flowers like orchids, plumeria, or stephanotis, They conserve nicely through the handling, and outstand the heat.

Juan-MironJuan Miron

Food Services, A MIHO Experience

Born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, Juan Miron is the co-owner of A MIHO Experience, consisting of MIHO Gastrotruck, The Vetted Table, and Please & Thank You Cocktail Company. Along with his wife Farra, he loves creating memorable experiences involving food and drink.
Tip for brides: Make sure you have time to eat. Ask your coordinator to set aside hors d’oeurvres for you so that you can have a small bite while still taking photos.

Leila-OberdorferLeila Oberdorfer

Coordinator, Brilliant Event Design

Leila Oberdorfer began her career with interior design, but after moving to San Deigo in 2010, she focused on her passion for working with people by creating Brilliant Event Design in 2012. She finds bringing her client’s dream wedding to life extremely rewarding.
Tip for brides: When thinking about your wedding, choose adjectives that describe your vision, assemble a visual library, and create a prioritized list. This will help you determine the perfect venue, the experts needed, and where to focus your budget.

King-CardozaBarri King and Madison Cardoza

Makeup Artists, King Cardoza Studio

After working for years at a leading makeup artistry brand, Barri King and Madison Cardoza opened King Cardoza Studio. Their experience stretches beyond weddings into runway, commercial, editorial, and film. They pride themselves on creative solutions for a personalized look, and their addiction to buffalo sauce.
Tip for brides: If you choose to wear false lashes, apply adhesive to your lash line before placing the false lash holding adhesive. An adhesive-to-adhesive grip will create a much stronger adherence.


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