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5 Family-Style Wedding Menu Ideas

Plated meals can feel too formal and buffet lines can cause a frenzy. Treat your guests to shared plates, and you’ll inspire interaction, conversation, and a friendly fight for that last slice of pie. From oyster stations to paella pots, here are five ideas to incorporate into your menu.


Easy as Pie

It doesn’t get more homestyle than pie, and a rectangular slab version, baked in a rimmed sheet, is a fresh way to present the traditional dessert. Try cherry with a hole-dotted crust, a nectarine lattice, crumble apricot plum, or lemon curd pie topped with meringue.


Propose a Toast

What’s a wedding without champagne? Pair a few bottles with seasonal fruit syrups and lavender sugar-rimmed glasses alongside honeydew, plums, raspberries, blueberries, and peaches. Edible flowers add a whimsical touch.


Aw, Shucks!

ADd some KIY flair to dinner with pre-shucked oysters and a selection of marinades, like mignonette, Tabasco, and lemon slices. Things can get a bit messy, so be sure to keep napkins handy!


Stick It Out

Set up a yakitori station where guests can grill and garnish their own skewers. Offer a variety of proteins like pork belly, tofu, and shrimp to accommodate all food preferences. Scallions and yogurt are crowd-pleasing complements



Viva Paella

Spain’s national dish is traditionally served at family gatherings and religious celebrations, which makes it an ideal wedding reception meal. This rendition combines free-range chicken, chorizo, wild Mexican shrimp, local mussels and clams, tomatoes, peas, and green beans.



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