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Expert Advice: 5 Wedding Planning Tips from The Posh Knot

Overwhelmed with wedding day planning?  The industry expert from The Posh Knot Event Planning, Management, and Design gives expert advice when planning your big day.

5 Tips of Expert Advice by The Posh Knot:
1. Save Money- This may seem counter intuitive but if you want to save money, invest in a planner even if it is just to execute the day of your wedding. We have connections within the industry’s vendors, not to mention we will work stringently and strategically to maximize your budget. With the wedding trends moving towards DIY, there’s no doubt that a planner will be able to make your wedding unique and tasteful even while on a budget.
2. Lighten your Guest List- I know it is hard to tell your mom no to inviting her co-worker that she has been sharing all of the excitement of your wedding plans with. However, let’s face it, the easiest way to trim your wedding budget is by cutting your guest list especially, if you are inviting guest you really do not know or have been in contact with in the last three years. For example:  If it is costing you $100 per person, eliminating one table of ten can save you $1,000 or more if you also tack on the cost of menu/escort cards, favors, desserts , candy bars etc. per person.
3. Think twice about hiring friends and family- Someone who is emotionally vested in your wedding lacks the judgment that might be necessary to handle the process of planning your day smoothly. Steer clear of using family and friends. It tends to never work out the way you have envisioned and you then end up with the emotion of trying to express dislike or needs. Expressing concerns are hard enough with professionals in the industry, let alone family and friends. Do yourself a favor and let your mom, bestie and aunt bonnie enjoy your special day as any close friend or family member should.
4. Plan to pay for Vendor Meals- It may be a surprise to your budget when the discussion comes up with your caterer and/or vendors about your plan for vendor meals. Make sure when booking your vendors that it is included in their contract that their meal for the day of your wedding will be varied from what your guest will have. Otherwise, you may be stuck with having to pay for 10 lobster tail meals which can be a huge expense to your budget. Not to worry, most caterers and venues have very nice budget friendly alternatives that your vendors will love to keep them refueled to make your day a huge success!
5. Stuck on what Favors to get?- We are long away from giving guest a set of bubbles or an unscented candle with your name and wedding date printed on them. Many couples are opting to use their favor budget on making a donation to various different charities on their guest behalf. Get inspired by something you believe in or an organization that represents something you as a couple or your family members are passionate about and donate.










Coordination and Styling: The Posh Knot
Photographer: Half Full Photography
Venue: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse
Florals: Posies Flowers
Paper Elements: Royal Amethyst Invitations
Desserts: Sweet Lydia’s of San Diego
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

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