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Expert Advise: How to Choose an Officiant

As important as the Ceremony is in the overall wedding event, the idea of finding the right officiant for the Ceremony can mystify even the most savvy couples.  Some couples know that they want a friend or family member to officiate their ceremony, which can be a very special and personal experience if the officiating friend/family is a good public speaker and does their research to make sure the ceremony has the right components.  A recommendation for this situation is the workbook “Asked to Officiate”, which guides non-professional officiants through the necessary steps to write and run a wedding ceremony.  You can find it here.

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Other couples feel most comfortable hiring a professional officiant and working with them to create the perfect ceremony that is meaningful and memorable.  Here are some important notes and tips about finding a professional officiant who is the right fit for you:

1.       After meeting with them or speaking with them on the phone, are you and your fiancé comfortable with them?
2.       Do they fit the vision of who you and your fiancé want to officiate?  You want to make sure you are BOTH comfortable with your choice/
3.       If you are wanting some non-traditional readings/prayers/songs/etc. incorporated into your ceremony, is the officiant okay with this and encouraging of it?
4.       If you are wanting a certain degree of religiousness, or no religion at all in your ceremony, is the officiant comfortable with this?
5.       Does the officiant provide assistance in securing and/or submitting your marriage license?
6.       What will they wear at the wedding, and are you and your fiancé happy with their attire?
7.       What is their process for creating your ceremony?  (It is good to know what to expect from the start, whether it’s an additional meeting or two, or phone calls, or worksheets they want you to complete an e-mail to them.)
8.       If you are not sure what you want for your ceremony, are they willing to share ideas with you and help guide you to make appropriate choices?












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