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Expert Advice: 5 Tips to Planning Your Wedding Online

Planning got you down? Get ahead of the game with these 5 tips to planning your wedding online, courtesy of Aisle Planner.  Let’s face it. Modern day weddings heavily rely on planning online, and whether you’re planning your big day alongside a planner or are going it alone as a DIY bride, enlisting the right online planning tools can be a huge time (and sanity) saver.

1.  Choose the Right Planning Tools:  With so many options out there in the way of online planning tools, choosing the right planning tools will be heavily dependent on your needs as a bride. Are you working with a wedding planner?  You may want to choose online planning tools that help you plan, collaborate and share relevant information easily.  Do you have a month-of or day-of coordinator?  You’ll want to choose a planning tool that makes it easy for you to pass the planning torch when it’s time. Planning on your own? Choose a planning tool that allows you to manage the details by yourself and provides you the right support and guidance you need to get the job done.

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2.  Choose Your Hardware: What you’ll be using to connect with the web really does matter when it comes to deciding on the right online planning tools for your needs. Will you be planning primarily from your desktop or laptop or will you primarily be planning on the go from your mobile device?  Perhaps you’ll be planning on a combination of both.  Not every planning tool or app is optimized to work across all platforms, so find the right planning solution that works best for you.   Keep in mind, while planning on a mobile only app is great for on the go needs, there are some things that will be much easier to plan on a bigger screen.

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3.  Free vs. Subscription Based Planning Tools: Many sites and services offer “free” planning tools but keep in mind, there may be a trade off, whether it be allowing advertisers to bombard your screen with pop up ads or a cluttered user interface that supports that site’s ad revenue. In addition, sites that offer free planning tools are likely not as comprehensive as sites that offer planning tools for a nominal fee.

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4.  Connect Your Planning To Your Life: Choosing an online planning tool that allows you to customize your notifications that easily sync your plans to your busy life could be critical to keeping your planning on track.  Connecting the planning process to the everyday tools you use on a daily basis, like your personal calendar and email, will help keep you updated and informed on everything from payment reminders to wedding related due dates and other critical information, even without having to be logged in to your online planning tool every moment of the day, so you can go ahead and lead your busy life and still be on top of plans.

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5.  Do More with Saved Inspiration:  Pinterest and some of our favorite wedding inspiration sites such as Style Me Pretty,, and of course, Exquisite Weddings Magazine are great places to get started with finding the images that will inspire your wedding plans.   A good online planning tool will enable you to do more with all of these great finds by allowing you to bring in all of your photos, regardless of where you found them online, and enable you to create color palettes and style guides from these photos, that you can easily share with your vendors and others helping you plan the big day.

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