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Expert Advice: Dogs in Weddings

Paul Barnett, wedding journalist extraordinaire,  gives us some expert advice on how your pooch can be a part of the big day!

Your dog is more than just a pet.  He or she is part of your family.  Increasingly more and more people are including their K9 as part of their wedding ceremony. And here are a few things to consider before making your dog be a big part of your day…

1.  First and foremost, is your dog people-friendly?.  It really doesn’t matter how cute your think your lovable dog is. If they’re not comfortable with a variety of people in a strange environment, things could get ugly.

2.  Does the venue have a “no pets allowed” clause in their contract?

3.  Choose your dog’s role at the wedding. Is she the maid of honor, ring bearer, or just a guest? Your dog’s role should be based on their temperament and age.

4.  Use a dog sitter, not a family member.  Don’t even think of trying to do this yourself.  Preferably, hire a professional dog sitter whose only responsibility that day is to manage your pet.

5.  Let your photographer know your “pet photo” expectations.  The cuter the dog, the higher probability of being upstaged by your adorable floppy eared friend. Let your photographer know exactly what role your dog has in your wedding day, and what you are hoping to see in the photographs.

6 . A few other tips…

  • Let’s make sure your dog has relieved himself before walking down the aisle
  • Oh, you have a puppy?? Either postpone your wedding for at least a year, or leave your little bundle of unstoppable energy at home.



Photography: Paul Barnett 



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