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Table Trends

Shares Plates and communal dining are all the rage this season.

Sharing really is caring.  More and more wedding guests are enjoying meals together at long communal dining tables where the food is brought directly to the table s so guests can serve themselves without ever leaving their seat.  “Gone are the days of three-course dinners; now is the time for tastings, small plates, and family-style services,” says Courtney Isaac, senior event designer at Waters Fine Catering.  “Family style turns each table into a community, sharing and exchanging lovely platters of tastes and treats as they are presented,” she adds.  It’s also more sociable, allowing guests to mix, mingle, and keep the conversation going in a fun and relaxed setting.  Bonus: no waiting in long buffet lines!

Portion-controlled proteins, mashed potatoes, hearty grains like quinoa, and colorful salads are all best bets for sharing. (avoid super hot dishes that could pose a passing danger.)




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