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Krista Levandofsky and Regina Crosby Atkins of Archive Rentals

Meet the curators behind this hot décor and accessories company.

Interviewed by Erin Meanley
Photography by Found Creative Studio


Krista on the right and Regina on the left

Q/ You both have creative backgrounds. How did Archive Rentals begin?

Krista: As the owner of Krista Jon Florals, I’ve never liked being confined to using traditional floral containers. Renting containers was a great way for my brides to have a unique look.

I was and still am a filmmaker and designer. I love beautiful, dramatic environments that tell a story. Krista and I were working together to design a few events and we both felt frustrated and creatively hog-tied by the rentals available to us. We started collecting our own stuff to design with—a dozen pieces of milk glass here, a sofa there …

Krista: A bride fell in love with our “Beatrice” sofa that we had acquired to use as office furniture—and, quite organically, Archive Rentals was born.

Regina: Now, four years later, we have two huge warehouses and are searching for a third!

Q/ What is your favorite piece in the Archive collection?

Krista: I love our new church mirrors. They look like they belong in an old gothic cathedral. At 7 feet tall, I love that they can be hung or stand alone as a backdrop.

Regina: I cherish our vintage champagne coupes! I have been enamored with these since I was a little girl, I think they are so glamorous … I collected them for my own wedding, which later became part of Archive’s large collection. I made a commitment a decade ago to never drink from a flute again!

Q/ Why does décor matter?

Regina: It’s the décor details that make an event personal. Something has to distinguish each event at that venue from the next … especially for weddings! Otherwise weddings just become interchangeable—a different set of dresses and tuxes lined up in the same spot on a different Saturday.

Q/ What’s one thing a bride should think about early on in the planning process?

Krista: Seriously consider your guest count and make a list of priorities. Make sure your vision and budget align!

Regina: Sometimes clients find us after they have already spent money on purchases or processes that were totally unnecessary. Work with your event designers from the very beginning. It will save you money!

Q/ Tell us about a time you really had to work your magic on a venue.

Regina: We had a client that wanted to get married in a barn, but her wedding was triple the size of what any real barn could hold. So we built a historic barn facade over a 10,000-square-foot tent. When guests arrived they genuinely thought it was an old barn from the outside. Inside were fun elements like horse stalls and wagon wheel chandeliers, along with beautiful furnishings and lots of flowers. It was breathtaking. The bride got everything she ever dreamed of, and that thrilled us.

Q/ What’s one non-traditional item you’ve incorporated into a bouquet?

Krista: It would have to be cacti. The bouquet was almost a weapon. I told the bride she might want a separate toss bouquet for her day.

Q/ What is trendy for 2014?

Regina: We are seeing a trend of a two-day wedding. A specific party on Friday night for everyone, not just a rehearsal dinner, followed by the grand event on Saturday. It gives the couple more time with their guests, plus the opportunity to express more of their personalities in each event. Who wouldn’t want to maximize this really special time? 

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