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Engagement Photos: Wrapped up in Love

On a crisp sunny day, this couple bundles up with a bright blanket, sweet treats, and each other.  We have a feeling your going to really enjoy these engagement photos. Cara and Scott grew up in the same hometown, went to the same high school and shared the same group of friends for over 10 years before finally connecting when the two stumbled into each other in San Francisco over New Years eve. After their fateful champagne and late night pizza filled run in, they immediately were inseparable even though Scott was living there at the time, and Cara in Los Angeles. The two stayed in touch over phone everyday until Scott made the move back to Southern California a few months later.  Who doesn’t love a picnic with your fiancee? Back dropped with gorgeous lighting, beautiful scenery, and wide open spaces we know this photo shoot will leave you wanting more. Onelove Photography captured this fun-loving relationship, and we’re sure you’ll  be wrapped up in love after taking a look!

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Photography: Onelove Photography
Coordination: Hana Malek, Venus Event Design
Makeup: Afton Williams Makeup

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