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Candid Wedding Advice from Photographers

Photographers see it all, so we asked them for their candid advice concerning the Big Day.


Paul Barnett

“If you’re unsure about inviting a particular guest, don’t.”
—Paul Barnett, Paul Barnett Photography

“A DJ is not a wedding planner. If you don’t hire a coordinator, even for just the day of, the photographers and DJ become your coordinators. If we’re making sure everyone is going where they need to go, it cuts into what we should really be doing: taking photos and spinning beats.”
—Rebecca Teal Batista, Found Creative Studio


Jenny Siegwart on the left and Rebecca Teal Batista on the right, of Found Creative Studio

“No guest wants a candleholder with her name on it. Take the money you save on cheesy favors and get a photo booth. That’s something your guests will actually love!”
—Annie Laurie, Annie Laurie Photographic

“Quality wedding vendors are like good shrinks. When you leave, you should have peace of mind.”
—Shannon Henry, Weddings of Distinction

“Unless you’re on the set of Bridesmaids 2 or Hangover IV, don’t party like a rock star the night before your wedding. Seriously, nobody looks good, or photographs well, hungover.”
—Paul Barnett, Paul Barnett Photography


Half Full Photography

“There are dresses you can purchase that aren’t strapless. A strapless gown chops you up and makes you appear shorter and squatter. No matter how small you are, you will end up with a little back fat and arm fat. Consider a lace top with a keyhole back, or a low-cut plunge front.”
—Jenny Siegwart, Found Creative Studio

“Plan for a first look. It allows you to shoot over 70 percent of all your photography before the ceremony, which in turn allows you to enjoy a nice pace—you can be more creative with a number of location options, and it guarantees you have as much natural light as possible.”
—Justin Lee, Justin Lee Photography


Tim Otto

“Make a list of the group shots you want and let the family members know before the wedding to please stay after the ceremony. This will save time rounding everyone up, and will make the process go smoothly and efficiently.”
—Tim Otto, Tim Otto Photography

“Don’t be a backseat photographer. Your photographer doesn’t mind seeing a Pinterest board of the style you are drawn to. But please don’t come to us with a list of 30 poses you want on your day. One or two important ones are fine, but anything more is silly. We spend our time worrying about the shot list you gave us. Let the photographer capture your day and be creative—not copy 30 different poses from 30 different photographers in 30 different locations.”

—Jenny Siegwart, Found Creative Studio

“This is the biggest day of your life with the most important person. Kiss like no one is watching… even though everyone is.”
—Joey Bertocchini, Half Full Photography


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