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Finishing Touches: Valentine’s Day Cards

One of my favorite things about holidays and birthdays is picking out cards.

I can literally stand in front of a wall full of cards for 30 minutes reading each one before carefully selecting the phrase and design that suits the recipient best. Sometimes I go for something quirky and clever and other times I choose something that is all out mushy. For Valentine’s Day, I decided to round up my favorite designs. I’m a sucker for a heart-shaped card which is why Sugar Paper’s “Lots of Love” card made it to spot #1. But don’t let that fool you, I love the rest of these designs just as much. Hope you do, too!

valentine's day valentines-day-cards_2



1. Lots of Love, Sugar Paper
2. I Am So Lucky To Have You, Smock Paper
3. Hubba, Hubba, The Social Type
4. Love, Kisses, Hugs, Hammer Press
5. Flower Filled Heart, Rifle Paper Co.
6. Cupid’s Arrow, Maple & Belmont
7. Amore Forever, Hammer Press
8. I Love You, Pistachio Press
9. Be Mine Valentine, Parrott Design Studio
10. You Are My Everything, Richie Design
11. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sugar Paper
12. Love Is In Bloom, Maple & Belmont

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