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Engagement Photos: Country Lovin’

Brooke and Jeff’s engagement photos echo the simplicity and beauty of the country, balancing the fun and energetic side of this adorable couple!

Brooke and Jeff met in Junior High – that universal awkward phase we all remember…or try to forget! He actually tried the “movie theater hand hold” when they were in 7th grade; Brooke left the theater and called her mom to pick her up! Despite the adolescent rejection, they remained friends throughout their teenage years, and after college, Brooke was offered a teaching position in her hometown where Jeff lived. He offered to help her set up her classroom the weekend before school started and the rest is history!

The night of the proposal, Jeff planned to trick Brooke into thinking they were meeting friends for dinner. On their way to the restaurant, Jeff remembered he “left his wallet at home” so they needed to turn around. He asked Brooke to grab his wallet, which was left on the patio table after a game of dice with his buddies, while he finished up a work call. Super annoyed at this point, Brooke agreed to do the favor. As she walked outside, Jeff had a song playing – the song she told him she wanted at their wedding: Hunter Hayes “Wanted.” Amongst the candles and rose petals, Brooke didn’t find his wallet, but instead a beautiful ring on the patio table. Jeff walked up behind Brooke, and asked her to marry him. Dinner was not just with friends, but also family, and it was the perfect way to begin the celebrations. Their wedding is set for June 14, 2014 – one day after Brooke’s parents’ anniversary at the same location they celebrated their wedding 32 years ago. So special! Congrats, Brooke and Jeff!

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1. Photography: Chance James Photography


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