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Expert Advice: Wedding Planning Made Easy

Overwhelmed at the idea of beginning to plan your wedding? Don’t worry! Carmin Designs is here to share some expert advice and to help you begin the planning process. Carmin suggests to first and foremost, start with a list of your favorite things!  Ideally, both bride and groom should start with a list of their top 10 wedding must-haves.

It’s very important to keep these lists private before meeting with your coordinator.  Be as detailed as possible, and go into lengthy explanation when necessary.  For example, don’t just write “Bar.” Instead- describe it! Is it a cash bar? Beer and wine only? Etc.  All in all, a top ten list is a great way to prioritize budget for the big day.   Don’t put a  cap on this list.  Dream BIG.

  • Is Beautiful lounge furniture your thing? No problem. Just put it on the list!
  • If including your pups is a top priority- make sure your coordinator knows it!
  • Flower girls in adorable tutus? Done.
  • A cheeky cake topper? Always a cute addition.
  • Making it a priority to pause for a moment with your sweetie.
  • Remembering to laugh, dance, sing, and love like no other day with friends and family.
  • Have fun! And don’t get lost in the details.

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