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Fabulous Finds: Rough Diamonds

Consider thinking outside the engagement ring box and going with something a little more rough around the edges.  Our friends at Diamond in the Rough create one of a kind pieces that showcase diamonds in their natural form.  Natural rough diamonds are genuine and pure, completely unmodified, picked from the mines and set as nature intended.  Each piece is custom made, and fits perfectly with each individual rough diamond. No two pieces are ever made the same because of the inherent qualities of the diamonds.  Why would you settle for anything less than extraordinary?

Rough diamonds come in all shapes and colors and textures…there’s a rough diamond for every personality out there!  Enjoy the selection below, somehow we know you will.




1. Sodwana Cuff
2. Classic Ring
3. Sodwana Pendant Necklace
4. Moderne Ring
5. Covet Ring
6. Grace Ring
7. Orielle Hoop Earrings
8. Dieu Du Soleil Ring
9. Embrace Ring

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