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Real Wedding: Tonya & Marc

Tonya and Marc’s heartwarming  elopement at Tower 23 is sure to put a little hop in your step today.  This real wedding shot by Samantha Bonpensiero is nothing short of unique and personal.  After all, what’s not to love about a casual seaside love story?

First of all, can we talk about her dress?! We love it when a bride is retro, and especially love it when she goes a little outside the box and opts for tee length.  This intimate seaside ceremony is packed with bright blue sea tones and plenty of casual chic detail. Tonya & Marc did it right- a casual but well thought out elopement session right by the beach.  And we can’t get over the fact that they really just look completely smitten with each other!  We hope this real wedding gives your heart a few extra beats this Monday.


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Photography: Samantha Bonpensiero
Venue: Tower 23
Entertainment: Ryan Hiller & Jimmy Lewis
Catering: Tower 23

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