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Engagement Photos: Kissing in a Tree

Ever imagined k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree, for reals? Jessica and Ricky did just that in their darling engagement photos at Marian Bear Park! Then said goodbye to the perfect day with a bike ride and a sunset on their favorite beach.

Who wouldn’t swoon over a man who can pump out 82 push-ups! When Jessica walked into a kinesiology lab on the first day of class, it was hard not to notice the handsome and obviously fit young man who was part of the fitness lab experiment. The two kept in touch, but it wasn’t until after Ricky returned from running in the Boston Marathon that the two were inseparable. You can see from their engagement photos by Clove & Kin Photography, these two are smitten for each other! First comes love, then comes marriage….wishing you two all the best!



1. Photography: Clove & Kin Photography
2. Location: Marian Bear Park & Mission Beach, CA




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