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Engagement Photos: Dancing in the Sunlight

These beautifully lit engagement photos will leave you thinking twice about “dancing in the moonlight.” No doubt about it, this couple had a great time during their E-shoot!  And that’s what we like to see. When you feel akward behind the camera, chances are you look awkard.  For Hector & Veronica- simply not the case!

Limelife photography captured this couple’s playful nature exceptionally well.  I just love the shots of them dancing in the warm light.  All too adorable.  Its a great reminder that your E-shoot is all about having fun and “acting natural.” Worried about your up coming shoot? Do a little dance in front of that lens, or tell funny jokes to loosen up a bit.  Trust us, it will pay off.

Hector-and-Veronica-1 Hector-and-Veronica-2 Hector-and-Veronica-3Hector-and-Veronica-4 Hector-and-Veronica-5 Hector-and-Veronica-6 Hector-and-Veronica-7Limelife Photography_Hector & Veronica-3



Photography: Limelife Photography

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