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News around the Magazine: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!  We wanted to take this opportunity to extend some gratitude today. We are so fortunate to do what we love, and to be able to share beautiful content daily with our readers.  Here are a few things were thankful for this season (and each and every day):

1. Our wonderfully creative T.E.A.M
2. Warm cozies
3. Color inspiration!
4. Fall fashion
5. Flowers that bloom year round in San Diego
6. Coffee!
7. Love & positivity




1. Team Photo, Stewart Bertrand
2. Infinity scarf, Nordstrom
3. Pom-pom necklace, Papersource
4. Sam Edelman ‘Lucca’ bootie, Nordstrom
5. Blooming succulent monogram, Etsy
6. Pumpkin spice latte
7. Holiday card, Papersource


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