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Finishing Touches: The First Look

To ‘first look’, or not to ‘first look’?  We’ve rounded up some images that may leave you considering breaking tradition, and taking some photos before the ceremony begins.  Just remember to grab your tissues…Traditions says absolutely not!  Some consider it bad luck for the groom to see his bride before they greet at the aisle.  But, many modern day photogs agree that doing a first look can be very beneficial to the couple, and are oftentimes an extremely intimate and special moment.


  • Alone time before the guests arrive
  • Great outdoor lighting before the sun goes down
  • Your makeup looks AMAZING & fresh- why not capture that?
  • It’s relaxing.  Cure those wedding day jitters by stealing a few hugs and kisses (Serotonin surplus is always good for nerves).
  • You will get adorable & priceless photos (CC: layout below)

First-look-1 First-Look-2 First-Look-3 First-Look-4 First-Look First-Look-9 First-Look-last-one


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