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The Kids Are Alright

Planning on inviting children, but not sure what to do after that? Rachel Welland of Bliss Events shares her ideas for keeping the kiddos entertained in various areas and at three price points.

IF THE KIDS CELEBRATE IN… The reception room, at their own table

Low Price Point: Kids only! Rent a fun linen and set the table with arts and crafts, coloring books, and other projects, along with a pre-dinner snack. Don’t forget engaging details like cute straws, an unusual centerpiece, and other visual stimulation.

Mid Price Point: Entertainment company Circus Mafia performs upscale and precise airbrush face-painting. It’s the next level of face-painting! $150/hour or $400/night,

High Price Point: Hire a cirque performer to wow the crowd during or after dinner. Il Circo has both ground and aerial acts such as Hula-Hoop Contortion, Master Balancing Artist, and Aerial Fabric Acrobat. Starts at $3,500, imagination

IF THE KIDS CELEBRATE IN… An adjacent meeting room with babysitters

Low: Who’s ready to decorate? Provide pre-made cookies or cupcakes and decorating items such as icing in bags, sprinkles, candy, and colored sugar. Don’t forget paper plates, scissors, paper towels, and wipes. Give a camera to the babysitters so they can take photos of each child with his or her masterpiece.

Medium: For kids between ages 5-12, Mad Science Experiments entertains children with interactive, high-energy shows. Demos include chemical magic and movie special effects. Every child will make an item like slime, silly putty, or a super-ball to take home. Starts at $195, sandiego.

High: Throw a kiddie concert and sing-along featuring the band Hullabaloo. They will tailor the playlist to the age range of the kids. $250 for a 30-minute show,

IF THE KIDS CELEBRATE IN… A hotel suite with babysitters

Low: Make it a movie night! Provide G-rated DVDs, little cartons of pre-popped popcorn (in case the room doesn’t have a microwave), and bags of mixed candy.

Medium: A Circus Mafia Hula-Hoop or juggling workshop includes a 20-minute performance followed by a 40-minute workshop and games. Starts at $250/hour,

High: Characters welcome! Invite a Circus Mafia prince and princess or superhero and superheroine to interact with the kids, play games, read stories, provide costumes for the kids to dress up, and pose for photo time. $275/hour,


Professional babysitting services for hire

Marion’s Childcare: Group care staffing starts at $20/hour with a four-hour minimum. Hire one caregiver per three kids for weddings. Caregivers bring their own toys, games, and crafts.

Munchkin Minders: They charge $10 per child per hour if the kids are 4 or younger, and $8 per child per hour if they are 5 or older. Child care has a four-hour minimum.


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