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Real Wedding: Jess & Jon

When Jess had a dream she married Jon, her sister convinced her to tell him about it. So, she did – after she asked him out! They have been inseparable ever since! Jess and Jon’s real wedding in Genoa, Nevada is full of beautiful and unique details, and reflective of a couple very much in love.

A few weeks ago, during my daily insta-scroll (!), I noticed some beautiful images from Half Full Photography that immediately caught my eye – obviously the eye that notices all things pretty (open up that IG app and follow @wearehalffull). All you Pinners out there are going to love this one!

While I appreciate the details and the “pretty,” I also am a sucker for a good love story, especially Jess and Jon’s. Jess’ sister introduced the two but the timing was never right, so eventually Jon mustered up the courage to stop by Jess’ work and say hello. True to their “bad timing”, she wasn’t working that day! This is when Jon realized it was out of his hands and if it was meant to be, it would. Two years later, Jess had a dream she married Jon. Her sister insisted Jess tell Jon about “the Dream.” They hadn’t been in contact for awhile, so Jess sent Jon a message and asked him out for drinks (that would potentially help the “I had a dream I married you” story come out a little easier!). The date ended when Jess told Jon it was the “best date she had ever been on.” Jon kissed her, and the rest is history!

Their courtship started in an unconventional way and their wedding would be no different. They had a huge wedding party and chose to forego some of the traditional wedding formalities. They built most of the decor themselves (with help from some close friends and family) – from the flowers, to the gift table, to the vintage decor elements. Because Jess and Jon have both experienced the loss of a parent, they honored them by dedicating seats and displaying photos on the gift table of their parents when they were roughly their age. Jess also had a very special wedding band made for Jon: On the inside of the band, Jess had a small diamond placed – a diamond from her late father’s wedding ring. It used to belong on a special ring Jess wore, which also played a part in their engagement story. Jon was honored by this gesture, knowing how much the ring means to her.

Perhaps my favorite part of this story Jon shared with me: “It’s been three years and I still rush to get home to see her. She hugs me every time I walk through the door and it’s the best part of my day. Everything I do, every minute of my day is aimed at becoming a better version of myself for her, and creating the life she deserves.”

You two are an inspiration in so many ways!

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1. Photography: Half Full Photography
2. Venue: Orchard House in Genoa, NV
3. Catering: Roundabout Catering, Executive Chef Colin Smith
4. Wine: Happy Ending Wine
5. Wedding Coordinator: Kara Duncan
6. Flowers: Kara Duncan
7. DJ: Mr. DJ Service, Mike Regan
8. Hair: Heidi Miles of Platinum Salon
9. Makeup: Alan Almada & Jessica Herrington



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